The Wakefield Express this week featured us in an article about local businesses.

Here is what they said.

For Chris Beal, who runs The Twisted Tree, it is important to give customers and staff alike the chance to voice their opinions.

Since opening in 2017, The Twisted Tree, inside the former Mexboro’ Arms Hotel building on Whitwood Common Lane, Castleford, has wasted no time in establishing itself as a community favourite.

“Everyone has a voice,” said owner Chris Beal. “Our customers appreciate the fact that food is freshly cooked and none of it is brought in or processed, and the girls who work out front are fantastic.

“It’s got a very personal feel about it, a lot of people come very regularly because they know the individuals. ”

“We don’t want to do anything clever, we just want to keep growing. We keep things small and add a little bit at a time, and eventually the customers tell us what they want.”

“We like to hear how they feel about things. We don’t try to be for everybody, but the niche we’re hitting, I think they like us.”

With separate breakfast, daytime and evening menus, The Twisted Tree offers options ranging from halloumi fries to salmon fillet salad to smashed avocado with poached eggs.

The restaurant, which shares its building with Twisted Vintage jewellery shop, also owned by the Beal family, offers a variety of wines, beers and gins, in a relaxed, rustic setting.

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