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Murder Mystery Solved

Thank you to all the wonderful people who came along to our New Year’s Eve murder mystery night. It was wonderful to see everyone dressed up and engaged in their roles.

Lilly Gold had been murdered a year ago, your job was to try and find the murderer.

So let’s see what really happened the night of the murder.

  • Doug Gold came home to find his sister dead on the porch.
  • Doug had been suffering from blackouts due to fumes from the mine. He thought he might have killed his sister.
  • To protect their son, Jeff and Mary Gold arranged a cover-up.
  • Their goldmine manager Cole Dasice, bought all the ice in town and used it to cool Lilly’s body.
  • This meant that when examined by the doctor, her body temperature suggested a different time of death to the real one, which meant that the Gold family all had an alibi.

A lot of people did manage to work this out, and wrongly named Cole as the killer.

In reality, Lilly was killed by Noah Count, with whom she had been having an affair. Various people had bits of information pointing to an affair between them, suggestions that Noah had killed his wife, and also beat his son.

Jack Daniels had, of course, confessed to the murder. He had been paid by the Gold family to do this in their misguided attempt to protect their son. Jack agreed to do this because he was terminally ill and wanted to have some money to leave to his long-lost daughter, Rhoda Horse.

The other main storyline of the night was the White family trying to buy land to extend the railroad. This centred around trying to find out who owned what land and then making an offer for it.

The White’s also had the option of carrying out a murder to help free up the land or paying Blaise F Glory to carry out the murder.

By talking to the different ranch owners you were able to work out who owned the key Northern ranch, but there was a red herring in there.

Richard White struck first, choosing to kill Robbie Ree. Unfortunately, that was the red herring. Robbie didn’t own the land, but he was trying to claim jump the land in a scheme with the mayor Julie Elected and lawyer Lou Pole.

Really the land was owned by Lois Price, but she wasn’t aware of this. When her father passed away Lou Pole kept the section of his will relating to the land secret so that they could steal it. There were various clues to allow Lois or the Whites to figure this out.

On the night the White family started to get trigger happy as they plotted against each other, resulting in Blaise and Kendra White both dying in a shootout.

One other plot during the night was that Marty McFly and Doc Brown from Back to the Future 3 were in attendance. The two players had to try and find each other, but also try and not give away to the other players who they were. They did this by dropping little hits, such as the train going at 88mph, or reacting when called chicken, saying ‘Great Scott’. About half the players managed to spot either Marty or Doc, whilst the other half had no idea, so well done to both guests.

Once again, thank you to everyone who came along and we hope you had a great night and well done to the winners.


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